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Have You Been Naughty Or Nice?

Make sure you are on Santa’s nice list this Christmas! Save yourself the chance of disappointment on Christmas morning by keeping track of when you are naughty or nice. By recording when you are bad or good, our application can provide a warning when you are so naughty that Santa is going to pass by your house!

After entering your good or bad deeds, you can share your status with friends or family to show them how nice you have been, or how naughty, if that’s your thing. When you wake up each morning you can check your status and act accordingly. A bit nicer if you are not on the nice list yet, or maybe a bit naughty if you have been really nice ...

Please send us an email if you have any questions, concerns, problems or feature requests.


Initial screen. Your choice determines the background image and also the sayings you see. Main screen. The top shows you are currently more nice than naughty. Double tap the image to see your history.
Drag the arrow to show you the different levels of nice or naughty. There are pre-populated details or you can enter your own.